What do you want the future to look like?

For me, I want the future to be cool.

I want cool cars.

Cool buildings.

Cool ways of traveling around the globe.

I just want things to be a lot cooler than they are now.

Cool doesn’t just mean cool looking.

Cool also means convenient.



For example.

Bitcoin is cooler than cash.

Bitcoin makes transactions faster. And it’s not controlled by lame governments. Eventually it will be more convenient than paying with dollars. And it’s already a better store of value. Which is cool.

What else is cool?

Space is cool.

Traveling through space would be cool to experience.

So that’s why I bought some Virgin Galactic stock.

What else is cool?

Well I know what isn’t cool.

Global Warming.

And what fixes global warming?

Green energy. So I think companies like Tesla, NIO, and other companies focused on alternatives to fossil fuels will do well.

Now I’m pretty new to investing. But I like to keep my investments simple.

If I think something is cool. And I’d like it to succeed. I’ll invest in it.

This works because it gives me conviction. If I think something is cool, I’m less likely to sell it if it has a bad day.

And if other people think it’s lame, then I just consider them uncool.

Also, when you think something is cool, there’s a good chance it will succeed. Because other people probably think that it’s cool too.

This makes investing simple. For me at least. And when you invest in things you like, you just feel good about it.

So my advice to you? Invest in cool shit.

Unless you just wanna be safe. Then invest in an etf or something.

This isn’t investment advice and I’m not an advisor or anything. This is just the way I like to invest.

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