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Crypto. Stocks. Insights. Not investing advice.

This is a short post about Ethereum for beginners.

You may have heard about Ethereum after learning about bitcoin.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency.

However, Bitcoin is more like digital gold. It’s best characterized as a store of value.

Right now, you shouldn’t pay anyone with Bitcoin. In fact, you shouldn’t really do anything with Bitcoin except hold it. Because the fact of the matter is, Bitcoin’s value is just going to keep increasing, so why spend it?

Anyways, this isn’t meant to be a post about Bitcoin.

Let’s talk about Ethereum.

Ethereum has more use cases than bitcoin…

Photo by Paolo Giubilato on Unsplash

Like many people, I like to use my phone at night.

I scroll through social media.

I listen to podcasts.

I respond to texts.

And ever since I got my first phone in middle school I’ve used it late at night. However, I always knew that using my phone late at night was a bad habit.

So in 2020 I decided to try turning it off at night.

I’m now a big advocate for everyone doing just that.

Here’s why:

Benefit #1: Improved Sleep

Phone screens produce blue light. That blue light disrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone which helps regulate circadian rhythm…

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

After dropping out of college in 2017 I felt lost.

Unemployed, depressed, and without any sort of direction in life, I found myself consuming self-help books by the dozen.

I read everything Tim Ferris had to offer. I read the classic self help books like Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Now, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, and many more.

It made me feel good to consume these books. I felt like I was making progress. I even felt like I was starting to get an edge on people who weren’t reading these books.

But the…

Photo by Cotton, Video and Graphics

If you’re a part of the tech community, chances are you’ve heard about the “no-code” movement.

No-code is essentially a toolkit many platforms offer as a way to create web and mobile apps without writing code.

No-Code Platforms Offer Opportunities to Citizen Developers

For a person that is not a developer, creating a website without using a no-code platform would take months or even years to accomplish. Nowadays, creating a simple web app can be done in a few hours or less.

As a result, these no-code platforms have sprung a new generation of developers called “citizen” developers. …

Photo by Christina Morillo

“Should I learn how to code?”

It’s a question many are asking themselves in 2020.

Some want to learn code in order to transition into different, potentially lucrative career paths.

Others want to learn code in order to work on personal projects.

Some folks just think it could be fun to learn code or that the skill might come in handy one day.

But no matter which category you’re in, is it worth it?

If so, how should you go about it?

After all, learning code isn’t easy.

If you’re someone that’s busy already, you may wonder if the time…

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside the productivity sector of the YouTube algorithm, you’ve undoubtedly heard some one highlighting the benefits of journaling.

In fact, you’ve likely heard that journaling could be a good idea even when you were a small child. I always remember thinking that it would be good for me to start journaling. But I never really made the commitment to do it consistently. It just seemed like extra, unnecessary work. And just a plain ole’ hassle.

But recently I thought to myself: “I have this Moleskine journal that’s been sitting here for years. So what the…

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